Graphing motion lab report

Graphing motion lab report

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Position, Velocity, and Acceleration vs. Time Graphs; Kinematics Graphs: Adjust the Acceleration; 1D Kinematics: Velocity vs. Time Graph; Uniform Acceleration in One Dimension; Kinematics in One Dimension: Two Object System; Projectile Motion; Exploring Projectile Motion Concepts; Projectile Motion: Tranquilize the Monkey; Relative Velocity ... Interpret and evaluate graphs of projectile motion. Students will write the conclusion of the laboratory at home. Title: Projectile Motion Lab: Range vs Launch Angle and Maximum Range Prediction. Since the lab reports are due on Monday, and it's the weekend now I'm. Typed report (1 per group of 4). Projectile Motion (Lab 4). Pll-IY 203-01.

For each matched graph below, explain what the group member had to do in order to “match” the different sections of each graph. Part 2: Conclusion and Lab Report. Option 1: Write a concluding paragraph that answers the Conclusion Questions at the bottom of the page. Option 2: Write a full lab report for this lab activity.

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Advanced Motion Graph Lab. Purpose: In this activity you will be learning how to do more advanced analysis for motion graphs. Part 1: Two Part Motion of a Dragster. Open the program found here in a new tab. Click on the engine button to set the initial parameters for your experiment.The slope of the graph is acceleration due to gravity. 3 Results and Discussion Inspection of equation (2) shows that the free fall distance, h, depends linearly on the 1 2t 2. The slope of this line is acceleration due to gravity. In Figure 1 we plot all the data in this way along with the best linear fit to the data. The slope is determined ... • Motion sensor with interface • Safety glasses or goggles Safety Precautions Follow all normal lab safety rules. In addition, take the following safety precautions: 1. Wear sanitized safety glasses or goggles during lab setup, hands-on activity, and takedown. 2. Use caution when working with the moving pulleys, cart, and weights. 3.

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credit. Your lab group needs to submit only one set of force-time graphs (maximum static friction, kinetic friction). These two graphs are to be stapled to the data sheet of one of your lab partners – Each lab partner does not need to submit his/her own set of graphs. wooden holder F applied a D u a l - R n g e o rc e S e s o r May 26, 2013 · Thus, one x² versus t graph can produce a straight line which cross the origin with its gradient 2.303 x 4D (log 10 M 0 –log 10 M). From here, D can be calculated. From here, D can be calculated. If the particles in the solution are assumed to be a spherical, then the size and weight of the molecules can be counted from Stokes-Einstein equation.

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